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Betta Home Living Port Lincoln

Go local – that’s Betta!

Port Lincoln Betta Home Living is your local one-stop-shop for all your Fridge and Freezer, Kitchen and Cooking Appliance, BBQ, and TV needs.

Carrying brands like Westinghouse, Kelvinator, LG, Fisher & Paykel, Dyson, and many others, Port Lincoln Betta has all the home appliance products you could ever need.

And Port Lincoln Betta isn’t known among South Austalia solely for their inventory.

The strongly held values of Betta Home Living include:

  • Integrity (operating in an honest and truthful way that follows the guidelines maintained by the corporate structure)
  • Collaboration (working with other businesses and personnel in a way that aligns with company values)
  • Commitment (a dedication to overdelivering in both product and service)
  • Efficiency (effective and timely support for team members and customers alike)
  • Community (contributions to the local Port Lincoln community, as well as South Australia and Australia as a nation)

The clearly held values of Betta Home Living are evident in the service and charity offered by this Port Lincoln location.

Known to be friendly and an outstanding example of excellence in customer service, Port Lincoln Betta is a true display of going above and beyond for our local shopper base.

This location offers door-to-door delivery for Port Lincoln and surrounding areas. 

Port Lincoln Betta also makes various contributions to the local community and Australia.

This includes national partnerships (including ‘4 Ingredients’, ‘youngcare’, and Brisbane Heat’). These contributions also include local sponsorships and other forms of donations that display a commitment to community involvement. 

Port Lincoln Betta is your local home goods and appliance dealer.

Live, Love, and Shop Eyre Peninsula at Port Lincoln Betta today.

A message from Port Lincoln Betta Home Living

Kathy and I have lived on the EP for 50 and 65 years respectively. We raised our three children on the EP and have always enjoyed an active involvement in business and community groups, including particularly the sporting community.

We have been in business since 1973 (at Cleve), Port Lincoln since 1993, and have lived in Port Lincoln since 2001. We’ve enjoyed being active members of business and community groups, such as the Cleve Business Association, Arno Bay Shack Owners, Cleve Area School, Retravision, Betta, and the Port Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

Our love of sport (football, netball, basketball, yachting, cricket, tennis, table tennis, golf…you name it!) has always played a major role in our lives. We have enjoyed playing, coaching, umpiring, and acting as selectors and administrators for numerous teams for over 40 years. Sport has always given us a great sense of community and provided not only hours of enjoyment, but an opportunity for us to give back to others.

We are very proud to be a part of the EP community. Our sponsorship of many organisations and causes, and our involvement in many of them over the years reflects our gratitude of the Eyre Peninsula community.

We look forward to seeing it continue to thrive in the years to come.

Brian Ramsey.