Eyre Car Centre

Eyre Car Centre Port Lincoln

The family-owned Eyre Car Center is “Port Lincoln’s #1 choice for Mazda, Hyundai & Volkswagen and quality pre-owned vehicles”.

With over 40 years of car dealership experience, Eyre Car Centre offers the ‘latest and greatest vehicles’ that offer not just the excitement and thrill of fast cars, but safety and comfort for the demands of daily life as well.

They offer new and used vehicles for both Port Lincoln and surrounding areas in South Australia.

The Eyre Car Center showroom is a true sight to see. Filled with a wide range of vehicles (that will interest both the car enthusiast and average vehicle shopper alike), this state-of-the-art display area allows for casual browsing in much the same way you’d browse an art museum.

The staff is kind and friendly, too. The Eyre Car Center takes customer satisfaction and excellence in service very seriously, whether your purchasing a car or just want to stop in and take a look at what this Port Lincoln Dealership has to offer.

And don’t just take our word for it:

The Eyre Car Centre has won multiple awards as a Mazda Dealer, for ‘excellence in sales, service, and customer satisfaction.

This comes as no surprise to any South Australian local fortunate enough to visit this Port Lincoln location.

The Eyre Car Center is involved with various local communities, charities, and sporting clubs. Giving back to our region is clearly a priority from this dealership and we couldn’t be happier to have them join the Eyre Pensinsula Co-Op.

If you appreciate a passion for true workmanship, great service, and outstanding community involvement, make the Eyre Car Center your next destination for all your vehicle needs.

Live, Love, and Shop Eyre Peninsula at The Eyre Car Center today.

A message from Eyre Car Centre

Eyre Car Centre Pty Ltd (HV MOTORS ) has been owned and operated by Peter Hurrell since March 1980 . Peter was born in Port Lincoln and has spent his life here, he has appreciated how good it has been to be able to grow up and live on the Lower Eyre Peninsula with its natural beauty and friendly local population. 

The car dealership has 23 staff currently and has grown from very humble beginnings with 3 staff and a facility encompassed on one building allotment of 1,000 sq metres to the very modern facility it is now on approximately 5,000 sq metres.

We have always strived to be a welcoming dealership that our customers and friends can feel comfortable in with the intention of giving them good honest service in a nice friendly environment.

Over the years of operation this dealership has provided countless donations and support for local clubs and charities and is very proud of the relationships we have developed.

Some of the Clubs we currently sponsor are the lower Eyre Peninsula Bowling Clubs a local footy club, Port Lincoln Swimming Club and several other local institutions.